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IOS & Android

Creativefun Technology provides high quality native App solutions for our clients’ needs and delivers increased brand awareness.

Our experience with mobile business models and strategies across numerous industries provides unparalleled support for our customers

Our technical experts have over 10 years’ experience in app software development for over 400 companies.

Website Design
Our design team has years of experience in interface design.  Focusing on brand planning, user research, trend analysis, etc. we provide clients with a complete solution.  

Our services include mobile application design, website design, printing and digital graphic design.

Marketing & Branding

We developed a clear pipeline to launch a new applet in the market for attracting the first Chinese group.

We developed multi-referral structures in the applet to motivate sharing by users to their friends or WeChat groups.

We are ready to provide full packages of online-offline Marketing service.

Data Analysis

Creativefun Technology has unlimited storage space, a 7 day, 24-hour monitoring alarm with system backup to ensure privacy and protection of data and systems.

We help companies quickly build a distributed application cloud platform based on cloud computing and big data application cloud.

We collect the data from the back-end which can verify the effectiveness of the applet and lead to our next marketing step.

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